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M-Doc stopped providing out of hours GP services to Ivel Valley patients at the end of March 2017. Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group decided to award the out of hours contract to a large provider who will supply an integrated 111 and GP out of hours service to the whole of Bedfordshire.

We saw our last patient on Thursday 30th March. A heartfelt thanks go to every single one of our colleagues, local practices, and patients who from our inception in 1998 have given us their absolute unfailing support. We started as one of Britain’s smallest GP co-operatives, and have finished as very definitely Britain’s smallest commercial out of hours provider.

In autumn 1997 the Ivel Valley practices formed a committee to investigate the possibility of setting up a co-operative. They produced a proposal document outlining how the service would run in March 1998. Thirty-one and a half GP’s signed up to the proposal, making it just viable, and the co-op started on 1 July 1998.

From the first page of the document:

In formulating our proposals we have looked carefully at successful co-ops. We were interested to learn that doctors working for co-ops seem to enjoy working for them. They enjoy job satisfaction, a sense of camaraderie with local colleagues, fair remuneration, and a sense of personal responsibility for covering their patients out of hours.

Our founding principles didn’t change. The document continues to describe something that sounds uncannily like M-Doc in its final year. We ended up covering 90,000 patients instead of 56,000. We made the transition in 2004 from Co-operative to non-profit-making limited company without anyone really noticing, and our well-designed paper form and fax machine gave way to a computer system. Several members of our team were with us for all of our 19 years.

We’re very proud to have been amongst the top out of hours providers in the National GP-Patient Survey every year from when the survey started to when they stopped publishing scores for individual out of hours providers two years ago. Consistently 85% of our patients rated us Good or Very Good, against a national average around 35%.

We’re not going to mention the whole team by name. Every single one of them was caught up in our ethos of doing our best for patients, and supporting each other. It has been a privilege to work with them.

We are so grateful to all of the Ivel Valley Patients who have supported us and have given us such positive feedback over the years. We’re desperately sad it’s going to stop.

Wishing you all the best, and again thank you so much for your support.

Peter Gledhill
Arti Patel
Rihan Bashir
Lorraine Gray

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